Monday, 14 March 2011

FIFA begin investigation into Estonia v Bulgaria officials

As the BBC reported last week, FIFA has started disciplinary proceedings against the six Hungarian officials involved in last month's friendly matches in Turkey involving Estonia, Bulgaria, Latvia and Bolivia. All seven goals across the two matches came from the penalty spot and there were 'unusual betting patterns' in relation to the games. One of the seven spot kicks had to be retaken after the initial kick was missed. Hmm.

The identity of the referee and other officials was a matter of uncertainty for a number of days before and after the matches. The Hungarian FA eventually confirmed that they 'believed' Kolos Lengyl to be the referee. It transpired that Lengyl and the other officials were only qualified to take charge of matches in the third tier of the Hungarian league. 

Watching the video back, the two Estonian penalties look like fairly strong shouts. The Bulgaria two, less so. I haven't been able to find any decent footage of the Latvia Bolivia match to make a judgement. 

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